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We are equipped to handle the following diagnostic and repair services.
Shop Services
AC & DC Motor Repairs
Our electric motor repair service identifies and remedies the wear and tear which is typically seen in all electric motors over time.

We can refurbish your electric motors and have them back in operation for years to come.

Contact us to discuss your specific electric motor application.
EASA Member
Arm-Tech Electric Motors and Repairs is part of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association which serves to educate and guide industry with the latest materials, equipment and state-of-the-art technologies.
Transformer Services
Full diagnostic and testing as well as repair and refurbishment.
Lift Truck Motors
Full testing, repair and return service available.
Motor Generators
  • Rotor and Stator inspection and testing
  • Rewind
  • Machining
Servicing many makes and models of electric pumps. Including testing and expert diagnostics.
Vibration Analysis
Vibration testing can identify and correct problems by identifying imbalances, premature wear and other issues which allows corrective measures to be taken before component failure occurs.

This procedure is generally regarded as preventative maintenance and should be part of a regular testing routine.

This service is available on-site. Contact us to schedule a service.
Infrared Scanning
A non-invasive procedure which visualizes the electromagnetic radiation, or heat energy, given off by operating machinery. This presents information which would otherwise not be available to the naked eye.

Excessively hot or cold areas can indicate operational problems and allow for the correction of those problems before they lead to failures.

Oil Analysis
One of the most cost effective and cost saving services which looks at oil quality and degredation over time.

By identifying wear and contamination in rotating machinery we can identify and prevent costly repairs later on.

Oil quality remains an often overlooked yet critical component in the operation, performance and efficiency of industrial machinery.

Samples are tested for viscosity, degredation, contamination and wear.

Laser Alignment
Performs critical alignment analysis on rotating machinery to insure accurate tolerances as well as maintain operating performance.

Laser alignment is much more accurate than tradiational dial indicators.

Computer reporting indicates the variances and corrections to be made both during and after corrections have been made.

This service is available on-site. Contact us to schedule a service.
One of the best ways to insure performance and efficient operation of your machinery is to have it balanced regularly.

Many equipment problems are often attributed to rotating shafts being out of specification or not within tolerances. An unbalanced condition can lead to increased wear, damage and expensive repair.
Our experienced technicians can identify operating problems in machinery by analysis and testing and make recommendations to be taken such as part replacement or refurbishment.

  • On-Site diagnostic service also available
  • Highest priority given to emergency repair needs